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Shoey So II

Shoey So
A junk animation I made in Flash and exported to .gif

Tuesdays have recently become regular hang-out opportunities with my friend Dave. We used to play video games on "my" X-Box, especially X-Men 2. When one of my controllers died, we switched to spending most of our time working on our respective web pages (Mine and His) and other various computer projects.

We also like to juggle a soccer ball together - passing it back and forth with our feet, not letting it hit the ground. In my blog, I had been using two terms related to this activity, "Jugglisk" and "Shoey So". These are fabricated words - a common habit of me and my friends. We decided tonight that Jugglisk refers to one person juggling a soccer ball, and Shoey So refers to group juggling (two or more people). So Dave and I did Shoey So tonight. Generally when I am interested in recording numbers, I count Jugglisk by individual hits (with feet, knees, head, etc.), and Shoey So is counted by the number of completed passes between participants. Dave and I got a measly 21 passes today. Our current record stands at 51.

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