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Mayor Denny Doyle Eats at Taco Time

I just ran into the mayor of Beaverton, I think for the third time. Apparently we have similar tastes. This time I saw him at Taco Time. smiley I can't remember where I saw him last time. The first time was at a meet and greet event at a city park.

I grew up in Portland and still consider it my home. I enjoy many aspects of the general culture and populace there. Certain parts of my psyche and conscience are opposed to life in the suburbs, but I have lived in Beaverton long enough to consider it home as well. There are benefits to suburban life, though I think I'll always be an east-sider at heart.

Portland is getting too big for its britches. The politics are very corrupt in Multnomah County. Taxes are always on the increase and initiatives declined by voters get ramrodded into law through backdoor channels, and the taxpayers pay anyway. It feels like Prince John from Robin Hood is in charge there. King Richard, Robin Hood, and Little John are on a permanent yacht vacation in the tropics, all expenses paid by you and me. And they beg for more when their glass runs dry for a few moments.

I enjoy the humility and accessibility of Washington County politics from the little I've seen. I think these pleasantries are a product of a town's size. Were Beaverton to expand to a million people, the politics would probably shift toward socialism, as in every big city. For now, Beaverton is a pleasant size and a great place to live. Mayor Denny Doyle and the rest of the council deserve thanks for maintaining the friendly, "small town" atmosphere.

Denny Doyle karate outside block
Denny Doyle doing a public karate demonstration. Further demonstration of the outside block here.

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