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Some Poems

I've been sick the last several days, and last night I was a little reflective and a bit discouraged before going to bed. It was one of those rare occasions I felt like writing poetry. I had some interesting lines in my head, but by the time I grabbed my journal and a pen, I'd lost them. So I started with whatever I could muster.

Limbs Fell Repeat

Who hath less to show and tell
pray tell than me and shower stall
Broken limb's last tale who fell
from limb that flowers fell last Fall.
Come hither, cry a dirge repeat;
dance, fly, unhinged from restless night
Wonder at the failures fraught
a chance lost yester in defeat
ever doomed to yet repeat.
Lessons not learned, though faithfully taught.

Golden Harvest

Who am I, announce it well;
list my humble state aloud!
Souls are squandered, here to sell;
lost and crumbled life, still proud.
Fly away Lord, take me with You;
test the endless strength of arm.
Wings aflutter taken with You;
silence, rest, joy, far from harm.
Never say good bye, my Savior;
know me on that fateful day.
Say well done: Your hand has done it;
Only You my debt can pay.
I owe You my life in heaven;
any less, I'd rather die.
Jesus is the best of brethren;
to see His face I'd learn to fly.
Golden harvest come and get me;
call my name and bid me come.
I pray to take somebody with me;
to share with them eternal home.

By the way, we just got back from a 10 day vacation, including a wonderful visit to Canada. I'll write more about that later and hopefully pare down our pictures to a sensible number (times ten) for presentation.

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