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I Hate Saving Daylight

I will never remember which day of the year Daylight Savings falls on, and I will probably always get confused, not knowing whether to Spring forward or Fall back. This particular changeover, I flubbed entirely. I guess it was all the moving process and inventory at work that caused me to completely forget about it. Anyway, I woke up horribly late, forgetting to set my clocks ahead. It was too late to get to church, and this is for me a horrible problem. I do the video ministry on Sundays. I had to call everyone in the church directory to find a soul that could help me out.

I think we should abolish Daylight Savings. It is so ridiculous that we think we can control the time. The planet keeps on rolling. Why fool with the hour? It's absolute dopery! Summer afternoons are long enough as it is and those in winter, ridiculously short. There's no reason to tamper with them and make it a ridiculous, unnatural contrast. If anything it would make more sense to make the opposite seasonal hour changes so that summer and winter days are more similar in length. Oh well, I'm no world conquerer, so I have no power to change such things. If I was, however, this would be one of the first things to go! No more Daylight Savings! Greedy buckaroos that dreamed up such an annoying concept!

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