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What Happen?

Oh look, an insanely old blog that is somehow still out on the internet. It would be funny to randomly write a new blog post, years after the whole thing has been announced as a dead project. Nah, but who does crazy stuff like that?

I probably shouldn't do that. I'll just think about doing it. I hope the super old website I hand-coded years ago hasn't become sentient. Then I would run the risk of having all my thoughts telepathically projected into published blog posts. How embarrassing and revealing might that be, especially since I don't ever check my old blog anymore. If a new post suddenly appeared, I probably wouldn't know. No one reads it anymore, so probably none of my friends would tell me of the odd A.I. glitch either. Oh no, I think it's happening right now as I think! I can feel the words being sucked out of my head! Aaaaaah!

Oh, and Happy Easter while I'm at it. Jesus is alive, and eternal hope is offered to all mankind through Him alone. He has what we need.

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