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The Slowest Web Site in the Multiverse?

I'm sure everybody gets spam from time to time. I certainly do. It seems it is one of those [not so] accepted parts of life. Normally I don't even dignify spam by opening it (or even reading the subject fully), and I immediately delete them. However, I am intentionally part of several mailing lists, mostly software companies that I like to keep up with. Every once in a while though something that I didn't sign up for catches my eye. I see there being two sorts of spam: 1) mostly harmless, corporate spam from real companies, and 2) total junk from people or companies that don't even exist. This second type of spam is usually some sort of tactic to get you to respond and get even more spam or possibly load a virus on your computer. The first type is a little more tolerable, and there is usually an option to unsubscribe on the bottom that actually does something.

One such corporate/sales spams that I get I haven't deleted yet. Most of these don't bother me unless the company commits frequency abuse - sends emails out more than once a week or daily, which is ANNOYING! I decided to actually open this particular spam and was even led to click on the link inside - imagine that! It is an email that I get from a tourist company in Brazil.

Waiting, waiting and waiting...

I'm glad I opened the email because I have officially discovered the world's slowest web site! Imagine if I had simply deleted this email along with all the other trash... I would have never encountered this rare oddity!... Please visit The Slowest Web Site in the Multiverse and tell me if you can see what I'm talking about. Feel free to submit a comment here, telling me why it is slow. Let's learn a thing or two about web design together, eh? I'm rarely ever mean to other designers, and I have no intentions of massive making fun sarcasm, but sometimes it is good to learn from others' mistakes instead of making them ourselves ;) In all actuality, the site showcases a fairly interesting location that I wouldn't mind at all visiting if I had the extra time and money. Maybe you will be so interested in the place that you will ignore the slowness of their site, and they will get several thousand dollars as the result of this blog entry, in which case I will be forgiven for my criticism :)

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