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Howard Hughes Goes Down, Down, Down in History

The Aviator

Now I know how eccentric Howard Hughes was. I looked online out of curiosity to see if this recent movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio actually told an accurate story of this bizarre man. It seems that the movie was fairly faithful to his life and accomplishments. It is actually quite amazing from the standpoint of all that he was able to do in his lifetime. He was involved in business dealings too numerous and various to mention. He also had a significant effect on aeronautical research and development in modern times, and the companies he spawned continue to have an effect even today in their various forms. Besides his personal accomplishments, Howard Hughes suffered from severe hypochondria. The last 20 years of his life were spent in seclusion, and he died in a decrepit state.

I was not wild about The Aviator, but it was an interesting scope into the life of this famous man that I had not seen before. I suppose DiCaprio did a fine job emulating Hughes' mannerisms, at least I imagine so, for he was way before my time. There was some fine acting, but lots of adult subject matter. I guess such was necessary to truly show the life of this man, for he was known for being quite the carouser. I guess I'll stick to liking martial arts movies, furthermore, and I wouldn't award this movie 5 academy awards. I'm sure most would beg to differ, but hey, they can't post here - so there! That's pretty much all I have to say about The Aviator.

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