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New C2F Site Coming Along

I recently shared my progress on the C2F School Site which is live and visible to customers on the web. I was instantly given the go ahead to redesign the look and general structure of the flagship C2F site from the ground up. This is a considerable privilege and definitely my most significant and widely visible project to date. A vast number of customers, prospective customers, our employees, and the world will directly see the results of my work.

C2F is about to get a face-lift
The large majority of the C2F site redesign has been finished, though it is not yet visible on the web. Here is a preview of the layout, images and colors as they will appear.

I designed this layout using strategic CSS - by far my most detail-oriented achievement so far in that all the visual styles are externally controlled by CSS. Not a single visible image appears in the XHTML itself. Here's an unstyled rendering of the same XHTML to show that all visible styling is controlled by the externally linked CSS file. I took special time and attention to write the XHTML in a manner that would allow entire theme changes to be applied by simply linking a different CSS file. This functionality has been desired by the company for a long time now. This sort of easy color and style changing is something I planned for Esotropiart from the beginning. It was fun to actually put it into practice with C2F. Each time I finish another design project I learn at least one new trick. This time I made use of a couple creative solutions that make possible a more complete separation of structure (XHTML) and presentation (CSS).

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