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Hero Dreams

PhLo's non-famous Soaring Eagle Stance
My non-famous Soaring Eagle Stance

Somehow strangely inspired by Micah's recent post on falling down, I remembered one of my strange habits that I will share with you. When I'm sitting around or walking around with little else to activate my mind, I often daydream. In these moments, I view every situation and every object from the perspective of a hero. I either go over in my head what I would do if a particular event took place that calls for quick action, or I create a scenario where I am performing complex martial arts skills, interacting with the environment, Jackie Chan style. Of course I am incapable of doing any of these things, but it is fun to let my mind wander. Some of the ideas are fairly elaborate, and would be interesting to see acted out. I guess I should attempt to write them down and see if they can be structured into an interesting sequence. I think it would be a blast to be a fight or stunt choreographer. Unfortunately, I am not very good at "writing down my ideas". I guess I should have paid better attention in Mrs. McCormick's class! I have yet to see if I would have the wits and quick reflexes necessary to act out any of these scenarios. More than likely not. I don't think I'm daring enough to be a stunt person. Is there anyone else out there who has ever experienced this type of imagination, or am I alone in the world?

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