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Wendy's Drive Up Window

It was always a running joke in my family to order Frosties at Wendy's. I like Frosties. Do you know the full name of this cocoa-licious treat? It's... ahem, "Frosty Dairy Dessert". The running joke is to actually order a "Frosty Dairy Dessert" when pulling through the drive-up window. No one calls it that, obviously, and that is the comical value. Those who work at Wendy's are probably tired of hearing it from mindless newcomers, and it brings giggles to the veteran customer. It's like totally worth it!

Actually, just to throw a new variation in the works, I dare you to go to Wendy's and order a "Frosty Diary Dessert". That's right, switch the a and the i! Woo hoo! Yeah! Here's a movie to help inspire you to this insidious icey variation station, otherwise known around the world as Liquified Turkish Delight (nothing like it)... Click here to be inspired.

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