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Giggles and Faculty Frustrations

Though Giggles appears to be some sort of superhero, this description hardly fully describes his essence. In appearance, he does not vary largely from others of his race. He does, however, possess abnormal strength, making him capable of being a hero. Giggles is not particularly interested in fighting evil and tries to avoid trouble as much as possible. He believes in a universal balance and is certain that if he becomes a hero the balance will be offset, and a new villain would be sure to emerge to equal out the positive energy. It is because of this belief that Giggles makes all attempts to avoid heroic situations.

Here Giggles is shown venting frustration over his life choices. After a recent horrible tragedy, he is second-guessing his philosophy. He knows he could have prevented the situation and wonders if it is time for him to become a hero. His belt and helmet were gifts from his mother's grandfather, whom Giggles never knew. Sometimes he wonders what secrets lie buried in his family's past. Perhaps these childhood toys are meant to guide him into a new profession. It may be his destiny.