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Even Lippies Blister Over Time

This corridor is known as "Even Lippies Blister Over Time". It is a place that defies all logic, and can therefore confuse and empty the mind. While walking through the seemingly endless hall, many visual tricks are played on the mind. The floor seems to be transparent, but much happens below. The walls on either side are infinitely tall, fading into the mist above. There is no variance to the texture of the walls (though that is not represented perfectly in the drawing). Though the gap at the end of the hall makes the walk's end appear near, it is only a deception. No matter how long or how fast a person pursues this path, the perspective will never shift. It is as if one is walking on a treadmill. The only way to exit the corridor is by sheer mind power. The weak of mind will be captured forever.

Over time, the many deceptions of this hallway erode the mind. Though it is possible to be rescued by a hero who knows the trick, anyone exposed to the illusions too long may experience permanent mental damage.

While very few are aware of its significance, the corridor also keeps a very powerful secret. While the walls do not vary in appearance as one walks along, the props on the walls themselves and the visions below scroll by naturally. In fact, the magical qualities of the place sense panic and mental distress, causing the images to pass even faster than the pace of the one who is walking. The secret lies in the fact that these images and props represent real places in the universe. To most, the visual stimulus is disturbing and nonsensical. But a rare eye can see them for what they are, and can use them to pass from location to location. A master has but to close his eyes and imagine a place he has already been, and that place will appear beyond the hallway. Walking the necessary distance to exit will take this person to the place in his mind. Because of the dangers of the hallway, most avoid it. The wizard who built the enchanted hallway and cast its spell died long ago, and his secret along with him. Centuries later, several have discovered the corridor's true potential by chance and occasionally use it as a portal. The gate can span any physical distance. It's trigger is the memory of a place, once visited. The limitation of the gate's use is simple: it is affixed in one location. Using it can take a person anywhere, but returning is not part of the magic. As yet discovered, there are no other such gates elsewhere. A person would have to travel back to the gate by normal means to use it again.