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Goop For Supper De Novo

Quanseinho, the character in this drawing, is a unique type of shape shifter. His top half, which includes his head and upper arms is somewhat humanoid or monstrous. His nose, hands and waist-down can be shaped into virtually any imaginable object. Morph targets intrinsically inherit any logical abilities that Quanseinho can imagine. For example, in this case, his bottom half is transformed into some type of aircraft. It's not simply a shape at this point, furthermore, as the aircraft has a real engine and propulsion system, allowing Quanseinho to fly. His right hand, similarly has been transformed into some sort of weapon in disguise. His nose at the moment is some sort of highly sensitive probe that gives him heightened awareness of things going on around him.

For the record, "de novo" is Portuguese for "again". The title could then be translated to mean "Goop for Supper Again", though the multi-language combination must be maintained at all times.