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Tipsy Rickshaw (Bad Map Data)

Tipsy Rickshaw is my second experiment with the colored pencil and COPIC marker combination. Some effects are better achieved with either ink or colored pencil. Combining the two can create interesting textures and gradations otherwise hard to achieve singularly.

The depicted scenario is quite senseless, but some aspects can be explained. This particular rickshaw, Tipsy, is about 1/3 regular rickshaw and 2/3 organic oddity. Its invention was aided by magic much like the furniture in Beauty and the Beast or the apprentice's cleaning implements in Fantasia. The intent was to create a self-driving rickshaw. Clearly this particular one demonstrates a failed attempt.

Tipsy has a mind of its own. It will take a passenger to any requested location within reason. Tipsy will avoid crossing seas and oceans, though it can ford rivers and cross lakes. It rejects any attempt to physically overpower its movements. Generally speaking Tipsy prefers direction efficiency. It travels in straight lines in order to reach a destination. Because of its humanoid legs it can walk and climb where its wheels find difficulty. Rarely will it deviate from its direct course.

Tipsy never looses its footing or falls over, but it isn't sentient enough to be considerate of the comfort or safety of its passengers. If a passenger doesn't hold on for dear life when a ride crosses rough terrain, they will likely be ejected from the seat. Due to unfinished construction, Tipsy has no handles. It's slippery surface makes it difficult to secure oneself. If a passenger falls off or intentionally exits, Tipsy will lose its magical animation and await a new request.

Initially the wizard who created Tipsy banished it to a desolate and remote location after seeing its dangers. A desert nomad happened upon Tipsy, attracted to its colorful design. By chance this nomad became the first rider. He reclined in the rickshaw and spoke his thoughts aloud, wishing to be transported to such and such a place.

Tipsy cannot wander around on its own. It must be verbally instructed toward a heading, and there must be an active passenger. Though otherwise motionless, it will attempt to escape if captured or if forced to go somewhere without being asked politely.

Due to its magical construction Tipsy's materials resist normal wear, and any minor damage incurred during a journey will self-heal when Tipsy has a moment's rest. Tipsy's magical properties can only be removed by the wizard who created it, but he never destroys his own creations.

Because of Tipsy's dangerous and stubborn nature, it can often cause trouble in the world of men. The wizard keeps tabs on its whereabouts at all times, appearing covertly to save riders from ruin. The purple rock creature is a manifestation of the wizard as he thinks to himself.

Though Tipsy still exists today, most modern people lack the imagination necessary to ask it for a ride. So it sits waiting, probably piled over with random rugs and satchels somewhere in the Middle East. If someone jumped aboard and asked for a ride, they might assume Tipsy has bad map data compared to more modern self-driving cars that stick to established routes. Tipsy provides a far more adventurous experience.

Naturally, none of this plot was in my mind as I was drawing. I made it up just now, but it seems fitting.