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Wolfy Caruthers

Once a decade or so I feel inspired, or rather motivated to draw. True inspiration comes only a few times per life age of the earth. There is nothing inspirational about this drawing, but on this rare occasion I enjoyed creating something. Other than the obvious, one thing worth not(h)ing is that the bird has eggshells for eyebrows. Maybe there is some kind of symbolic meaning in this since birds come from eggs. If so, it is not known by the one who created the drawing, so why should anyone else project meaning into nonsense?

As usual, I never know what I'm going to draw until some shapes form on the paper. The idea of two humanoids standing near each other and talking about some unknown subject was my original vision. After drawing the first guy (Wolfy Caruthers himself) and seeing that his facial features looked maniacal or devious, the rest just flowed naturally. Selling snow globes to unsuspecting houses is about as devious as you can get, Wolfy Caruthers!

Since I didn't have pencils with me or proper "Gort Card" stock this evening, I used what I had. That meant no practicing in pencil that I could erase and refine later. I went straight to permanent ink, specifically the Sakura Pigma Micron (blue) and Papermate InkJoy Gel Pens (red & yellow) I had along for journaling. Yes, it is drawn in my journal. The only method I had to measure a proper 3" x 5" box to draw in (Gort Card requirement) was to use a ruler app on my phone to hack out a choppy boundary. Luckily I downloaded the app long ago, and it was already calibrated for my phone's screen size for accurate inch measurements (the little dots along the edge).

A longer story accompanies this creation.