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Willard the Walrus IV: Pilfered Soaps Inferior

A first ever attempt at a complex, multi-media, full-color 3" x 5" as opposed to my normal mechanical pencils. I used a variety of tools, including Sharpie pens, a variety of regular ole roller ball office pens, Bienfang watercolor pen, gel pens, mechanical pencil, woodless graphite pencil, highlighter, highlighter tape, blunt scratching edges, and more. I had some really cool effects going on in the original draft. I was much too hasty in laminating it, and some of the media had not dried. The colors bled horribly and I was left with an ugly, sopping mess under the improperly sealed lamination pouch. I decided to rip off the lamination plastic and ended up completely reworking the design of the card, erasing most of the original content. The second time I made sure everything was dry and ready for lamination. Hopefully I won't make that mistake again! I wish I would have at least taken a photo of the original drawing before I messed it up.

Worthy of mention is the contribution of my coworker, Chris P. While I was coming up with this "test in progress", I asked him to give it a try. He drew the ink for the little face. I embellished it ever-so-slightly with some pencil and filled in around it, trying my best to keep the face intact. The face may well be the only surviving portion of the original drawing that wasn't significantly damaged by the lamination process.

I'd hate to give this image more credit that it's due. I'm already talking about it too much - that's because of the techniques and experimentation involved, not the end result. It is in all honesty nothing more than a random collection of scribbles and doodles. Any pleasing quality is mostly coincidental, though I did put a little effort at throwing a little art into it.