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Bathroom Bubble Coins

Everything about Bathroom Bubble Coins can be summed up in a few words. Those words are suburbia, Commander Riker's beard, and cataplasm. Analysts have debated for years whether Spark Plug Guthrie is indeed an omnibus himself, a comfortable transport due to the reclining slide shape of his noggin. It is also uncertain whether the whole situation depicted here exists only in Guthrie's wild imagination (he lacks this) or if the family pictured truly supports the weight of the omnibus and crocodile with their speech bubbles. Around the world dozens of baths are taken every year by citizens of diverse nations. On a rare occasion a bubble might rise from such a bath. Watch closely and you might see tiny animals pulling empty carriages atop the translucent orbs. The risk of heavy objects falling from above increases tenfold during these events, so never cease talking to increase the support system. Also learn from your past mistakes. Remember what happened last time you dropped a coin on the street? Guthrie is attracted to metallic objects. If he should notice the coin and stoop, you just know the bathtub will overflow on the floor. Wobble, wobble, slosh, slosh. Water damage ain't no fun, Jethro.