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Bluescreen 1: Mannequin

To generate the missing thigh material, I used the Clone Stamp Tool. Most photo-editing applications have an identical clone brush. This tool copies pixels from one area of an image to another, usually used to cover up blemishes or undesired elements. The trick is to choose a source area of the image that is very similar to the desired color and brightness of the destination. ALT-Click somewhere to choose a source for the cloning. Left-Click and drag where you wish the copied pixels to appear. Some programs may require a Right-Click or something else to set the source. Most of the time, a small nib (brush) size will achieve the best results. Also, varying the position of the source every few strokes will prevent obvious repeating patterns, making it less obvious that a cloning process was used. Another tip with cloning is to follow the contour of any textures or lines in the image. Place the source point along a line or edge, and start painting along the same angle. This is significantly more difficult when dealing with curved edges or textures.