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I'm Going to Let It Shine

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Lately everything has been bringing me to tears. God has softened my heart so I am sensitive to seeing Him at work in every situation. It is a beautiful thing to see how active He is in our lives. I cry because I am so overjoyed at seeing Him working through others and in me, and also because I am sad for not having noticed nearly as much before. I once was blind. The scales have fallen and now I can see! Look what Jesus did for me, it's a miracle! I can see!


Today I was surprised by a message on my phone at work. It appeared while I was on one of my errands, away from my desk. Lone behold it was a message from my mom. She sang me a song. It immediately touched my heart to the core. It was the song I needed to hear more than any other. She was listening to God, and God was speaking (singing) through her. It was as if Christ Himself was ministering to me... I'm realizing this more and more - that the very Body of Christ (us - the church) is truly that - the Body of Christ! Jesus was once on the earth for a short time, God incarnate. He walked around, laughed, ate, slept, taught, healed, etc. Now that we have the Spirit of God in us, we have the same power as He does! We are a continuation of the presence of Christ in the world! What a privilege and mystery - something to be taken very seriously.

I was so ministered to by my mom's song, that I want to share it here. It reminded me of being a child, perhaps there's a deeply hidden memory of hearing my mom sing when I was a little boy. At any rate, I felt something like that, and for a moment I felt like I was a child again (though most of the time to some degree I feel this way, aside from the torturous aspects of adulthood). I especially love the "No!" and the blowing sounds... it's the "right" way to sing it.

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Sometimes I'm absolutely astonished that the simplest of "children's" songs are the most profound and wonderful of all. Besides "This Little Light of Mine" that my mom sang, "Jesus Loves Me" is another gem. The truths are so simple that they confound the most complex theology, for they are more accurate and poignant than much of the rest. It makes me wonder what I thought about such things as a child. Most of my childhood memory is repressed or lost. I know I had an astonishing childhood. I am getting glances back to some of it, because the newness that God is creating in me reminds me of the innocence and intentionality I had quite a number of years ago... before the burdens of adulthood took their hold.

I brought my PC microphone from home during lunch and held it up to the phone handset to get a weak recording on the computer. Tried to beef it up a bit. I hope you are blessed as I was!

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