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A New Work Bike Route

Yesterday I was once again car-less, and I tested my new route to work for the first time. It turns out the distance to work is about three times the distance from my previous abode. That means a lot more exercise per day. It also means I will probably bring my lunch to work more than before because it won't be quite the negligible jaunt back home for lunch that it used to be.

After work I did quite a bit more riding. Among other things I met Joel at Starbucks. We talked a bit about spiritual life and where we are at. Thanks, Joel, for going to the effort and showing interest in getting together.

When I arrived home I saw how close I was to riding twenty miles and considered going back out. I needed to get some things at Target. By that time it was completely dark, and I didn't feel like going. Besides, the triple eights in the distance was numerically satisfying enough. Hopefully all this riding will continue to shed the pounds. So far this summer I've lost about 15 pounds off the heaviest weight this goofy body has ever seen!

Bike Stats: 09-02-08
Distance 18.88 miles
Ride Time 1 hour, 34 minutes, 31 seconds
Average Speed 11.9 miles per hour
Maximum Speed 27.5 miles per hour

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