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Walk to Work Beauty

Okay, it's time to catch up on a few old blog entries I've been meaning to write. Many moons ago I took some photos on the way to work. In fact, I do this quite often. I walk or bike about 0.58 miles to work each day - sometimes as many as four times - to work in the morning, home for lunch, back to work after lunch, and back home in the evening. Each commute segment takes me through a short bit of Greenway Park, on a paved path surrounded by preserved wetlands on every side, with Fanno Creek as the primary water feature. The natural vegetation consistently makes for some nice photo opportunities. Based on the modified date of these files, the following photos were taken back in the beginning of June. Let's just say I'm a bit behind on my blog.

Walk to Work Beauty EsoShow
Click image for flower photos from Greenway Park

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