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Man, I hope this post doesn't get blocked! Triple X, man! Oh well, I'm not about to change my usage of roman numerals.

Today was a momentous soccer ball juggling day. I beat my record again. And whether He wants it or not, I like to give God glory for such things. I don't know why God seems to like the number 7, but being His clueless, curious son, I like to emulate Him (even if I don't know why). So seven is my favorite number of sorts. He is probably thinking, "Oh brother (son), you don't get it, do you?" Well, no, I don't. His thoughts and ways are far higher than mine, and I'm pretty pathetic and insignificant. Apparently He loves me enough to trade places with me and take my punishment on Himself though, so I must have some value. In fact, we all have infinite value because the value of an infinite God was traded for our lives. In of ourselves, we have no value at all, but for some reason the God of the universe values us beyond all things He created.

In that light, the least I can do is thank Him by my goofy gesture of honoring him "numerically". The whole time I was reaching the high numbers I was hoping to reach into the seven thousand realm. All I know about seven (without doing extensive research on numerology to prepare for this writing) is that we humans consider it the "number of completion". Of course God probably never told us this specifically. It is a human perspective or observation, but I suppose it makes sense. Seven days in a week and seven days of creation, seven seals of the book of Revelation, sevenfold Spirit of God, seven churches in Asia, seven trumpets blown to crush Jericho, seven woes, and so on.

By the way, while my understanding is somewhat limited, my greatest concern or goal is not to be just like God. I don't think such a thing is possible, even if I led a sinless life (which is not the case at all whatsoever). Perfection in action may not be enough to escape eternal punishment, much less make us "like God". We are all under a curse from one man, and only one man, Jesus, can take away the curse - and indeed He has for those who believe and confess in His name and crown Him as Lord in their hearts. My strongest desire in this life, bound by flesh, is to be allowed to be with Him, no matter the circumstance. This is what He desires of us as well. If only my life and actions reflected this desire, I'd probably also end up being more like Him than I am. It's only natural to display His nature in us as we approach Him. So my spirit is willing, but my flesh is so weak. Sometimes I wonder which is stronger. I fear my weakness is. Fortunately I still remember a great song from when I was a child to remind me that "Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so. Little ones to Him belong. They are weak, but He is strong. Yes, Jesus loves me! Yes, Jesus loves me! Yes Jesus loves me! The Bible tells me so!"

By the way, no lie: as I started writing those lyrics above, "Jesus Loves Me" suddenly resounded in my ears in unison with my typing. I typed the first line from memory, and the rest I "copied" from my ears :). A song on Rescue's new album, "Before the Throne" called "Love the Lord" actually contains the entirety of this classic children's song - a song more appropriately sung by adults who more often forget the simplest of things. A coincidence that this song played or that I even chose to suddenly listen to music as I wrote a blog entry? I think not!

Back to the juggling story: So I was intentionally trying to get over seven thousand to give honor to God (how does that honor Him? No idea, but it was my thought and expression). In fact, the whole time I was in the 6000 range, I was worried. I was thinking, "How can I claim this is for God if I drop the ball right on 6666?" :) Not only that, but according to most numerology generalizations, 6 is the "number of man", often indicating his efforts. These thoughts were going through my head, so I was really hoping I would reach at least 7000!

To take it further, I told myself that if I reached 7777, I would purposely drop the ball and not continue, simply because the idea of trying to "outdo God" came to mind. This was the sin of Satan in the beginning. Rather than bask in the beautiful and holy presence of his God and worship, he started thinking to himself that he was worthy of such glory. He sought to become like God in a totally bad way - basically Satan thought he deserved God's throne. I don't want that - not even for a short time like in the somewhat humorous [and with questionable theology at least!] movie Bruce Almighty (but not Evan Almighty - I thought that movie sucked horribly). The very mentioning of being too much like Him where thoughts of being Him or replacing Him makes me ill inside. Forever may I be less while He is more!

I did in fact reach 7000 hits, and then on to 7777. On the last kick, I kicked the ball as hard as my somewhat exhausted frame could muster. I kinda missed a direct kick, and the ball went off to the side and ended up bouncing on the roof of our carport - the second time this has happened to me (surprisingly only twice).

Last time the ball went on the roof I somehow scrambled up the side of the house using a tiny step stool. When I got up there I realized how beautiful it was and wished I had my camera. Today I remembered this prior experience and took my camera with me. It wasn't quite as beautiful this time, but it was interesting, nonetheless. The extra height affords a new perspective on things that are otherwise quite ordinary from "Normal View!". I stayed up there for a while, walking around to check out the angles. I'll make an EsoShow tomorrow. I'm too tired to finish it now.

I'm thankful for God's reminder of His presence in my life tonight, though I'm SOOO far from being worthy. It sickens me to think of how sinful I am, and how it is my very sins that necessitated His sacrifice. I am humbled but thankful, thankful that He is alive forever. Death has no power over Him, it could not hold Jesus Christ down! Somehow He promises that we His children will also rise with Him when He returns to claim us. Praise God that He is close to the brokenhearted and that He knows we are but dust.

Jugglisk XXX Chalcord

Jugglisk XXX Chalcord
166 26 104 614 7777
Total Recorded Hits: 8687 Average Hits Per Volley: 1737.4

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