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Kick a Tire, For Katrina Hammered

A very fortunate unfortunate thing happened to me yesterday. Someone at work informed me that my front passenger side tire was almost completely flat, and indeed it was. Obviously this was very unfortunate. After realizing how low it was, however, I realized I was fortunate not to have a blowout or other dangerous mishap while driving. I had lunch with my mom at Baja Fresh. She brought a foot pump, so I was able to get some air in the tire and get to Les Schwab after work.

A flooded city

It ended up that the tire had a piece ripped out of it on the side, so I needed to buy a new one. No problem. I was just thankful to get it fixed cuz this tire had been losing air for a while prior to this more obvious flat. I didn't have anything to do at the tire store, so I just sat and watched TV.

The wrath of Katrina

I had heard a little about hurricane Katrina, but I did not realize that it was so destructive until I saw the images on TV. I was astonished to see the devastation and the continuing crisis of water flooding the city of New Orleans. I heard that the entire city of 1.3 million will be forcibly evacuated due to the fact that 80% of the below sea level city is flooded. Absolutely amazing and horrible. I guess we hear about these types of disasters all the time around the world, but it doesn't really hit home until it hits home. Living in Portland, I have been fortunate to be spared from natural disasters. I suppose we are due for another volcano eruption or enormous earthquake. Oops, jinx... I hope not.

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