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Jugglisk XXV

Today's jugglisk numbers look pretty dismal. There are three reasons for my abnormally low rallies:

  1. It was quite windy outside. The wind was enough to change the path of the ball, normally affected by simple gravity and easy to predict. Fortunately my skills are honed enough to adapt for the most part, compensating by kicking a bit at an angle, against the wind. However, this added effort makes for lower numbers, especially since the wind comes and goes and varies in speed and direction. I generally find these little challenges make it more fun rather than annoying.
  2. I was specifically focusing on speed juggling. I try to just barely tap the ball with my toes, and it remains below the level of my knees for the most part. It is more challenging because I have less time to react, and it expends much more energy due to increased foot activity. When I'm in this speed mode, I'm attempting to improve control skills, quicken reaction times, and get more exercise. High numbers are not really expected or hoped for. The challenge is to see how small and rapid the kicks can be.
  3. I was wearing pants. Normally, if I want total flexibility and am going for serious numbers, I'll wear shorts. Jeans don't allow much bend in the knees and are heavier in general. Not to mention that the bottom of the pant legs sometimes bunch up near my shoes and can interfere with the normal bouncing action.

Jugglisk XXV Chalcord

Jugglisk XXV Chalcord
26 51 20 248 38
157 123 153 48 104
11 81 97 153 46
504 35 56 87 31
Total Recorded Hits: 2069 Average Hits Per Volley: 103.5

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