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What Esotropiart Is All About

Some of you might have already noticed a discussion that somehow resulted from my post about tornadoes :), even though it is an entirely different topic altogether! My good friend and brother in Christ, Allan, and I had what I consider to be an important and valuable discussion about many key feelings and theological points that relate to salvation and Christian living. In essence, this is the kind of stuff I always wanted to happen on Esotropiart. Open, honest discourse about life and experience. The primary theme of this site is "The Process of Life". I want to attempt to share some of what I'm going through and where I am now. I used to keep handwritten journals that were full of all my inner thoughts. Though I don't share as many journal-like posts as I'd like, sometimes it just happens.

Maybe someone feels/has felt the same way I do at times in the Christian walk. Or perhaps you are not a Christian or are not really sure. At any rate, as long as your speech is "family friendly" and not demeaning or harmful in tone, please feel free to post a comment here, with your own story or thoughts. Or perhaps you have something to add to the discussion. If your comment or question is of a matter too personal or serious to be public, please mark it as private, and I'll read it and respond if appropriate. Oh wait... I have a brilliant idea: I'll move those comments to this post, where it would make more sense for them to be :) processing... done! (sorry tornado post)

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