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Shoey So V

Last Thursday Dave and I got together again to play some Shoey So. Conditions were far less than ideal. The weather was a wee bit too hot for exercise-type activities. There were more people out than I ever remember seeing in our neighborhood, and the place we choose to juggle is a thoroughfare entrance to the park. The worst was my ridiculous allergies. I was sneezing and snotting everywhere and couldn't concentrate worth a single bean, much less a hill of them. We didn't break any records, but surprisingly we got some decent volleys. Had my allergies not been so HORRIBLY BOISTEROUS we might have once again broken our record.

Shoey So Chalk Records

Shoey So V Chalk Records
9 8 7 7 9 10
35 24 15 23 21
11 9 9 23 18
7 9 12 11 13
17 9 22 23 39
47 8 17 7 8
Total Recorded Hits: 487 Average Hits Per Volley: 15.7

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