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Jugglisk VI

663 hits

Yesterday was a nice enough day for me to turn my talk into walk. More specifically, I have been saying I need to start juggling again, and I finally did it for the first time this "season". I feel a little less in shape, but I still feel able to keep the ball under control with relative ease. The best I could do in the 30 minutes or so of juggling was 663 hits. Not horrible, but not great. I'm satisfied, since I wasn't trying extremely hard, and it has been a number of months since I took up the ball. I juggled for a few minutes today - just lazily, less than 100 hits each time.

25 and a half inches dandelion clock

Also worth noting - this is my first time using my self-bought Christmas present. The counter you see above is one of my life's long sought after treasures. Well, not really, but it does have significance to me. My dad had a mechanical digit counters, and I used to play with it when I was a kid. I always wanted to find one for myself, especially when I took up juggling. Even though I'm pretty good at counting in my head - putting a finger up for each 100 hits - I never forgot my Dad's clicker. I've actually looked for these things a number of times at sporting stores, but all they ever have are stopwatches. I finally found one at Big 5 and couldn't resist buying it. Even though I've had it since December, today was the first time I put it to use. It takes some conscious effort to click it each time I kick the ball. I'm hoping that, once I get used to it, I will be able to concentrate more on kicking the ball than counting in my head. However, it might be a disadvantage. Sometimes I do better or try harder when I know how many hits I have. If I am close to my record, for example, I go out of my way to get to the ball, even if it goes flying out of control.

While juggling yesterday I took notice of what struck me as a very tall dandelion clock (had to look that one up - read article for some weird info on the name). I measured it, and it came to 25 1/4 inches. Fairly considerable. Today I went in the backyard and took some photos of our dandelion clock forest and other visual commodities. Check out these photos in this album.

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