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Doodling on the Job

Have you ever been caught doodling on the job? I don't recall this ever happening to me, but then again I have the worst memory of anyone I know. Well, today I had an excuse for doodling at work. Our art department passed out paper to everyone, asking for the page to be filled with doodling. I couldn't exactly disobey a direct order (request), so I commenced drawing little weird, nonsensical characters (as is my default).

I can't think of one purpose in all of creation where my goofy drawings could be considered useful other than to entertain myself and the very few like-minded. Perhaps my drawing will be tossed aside, labeled as too weird. Oh well, at least I got to draw at work. In reality, I draw at work at least once a week, making background imagery for promotional email advertisements I send to all our customers.

Here are some closer shots of the doodling not afforded by EsoGallery:

This guy's name is RigMeal
This guy's name is "RigMeal". He is clever enough to convince others to give him their food. In a way, it's kind of a waste though. He can't eat much of it because he has no teeth

Here lies Pud Musket
Here lies Pud Musket.

Kit Whisker and Clueless Brute Charlie
Kit Whisker and Clueless Brute Charlie.

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