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Winter Storm and Power Outages 2006

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Last Friday there was an unusually powerful wind storm in the Pacific Northwest. About one million people were without power in Washington alone. Three lives were claimed by the storm as well. Here in Oregon there were 274,000 customers who experienced power outages.

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I was surprised by the ferocity of the wind. I don't remember ever having heard such wind here in Portland. I do live on the west side now, furthermore, and the weather is slightly more extreme here. Some bags and bottles were strewn about our backyard, and our lights flickered several times, but we never lost power. I hear that some people have been powerless for five days and more. Wow! That's uncommon. A large transformer exploded into a towering inferno here in Beaverton, but our area was unaffected, fortunately. Normally, like Dave mentioned, I would somewhat enjoy the slight adventurous tone of a power outage. As a kid I always enjoyed lighting candles, using flashlights and listening to a battery operated radio. It has been quite chilly lately, however, and I wouldn't be enjoying a duplex without heat, especially over several days. I'm thankful we didn't lose power and hope others are coping and recovering well.

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