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StatCounter Featuring Google Maps

I frequent a couple stat tools that are available to me through my web hosting service. In addition, I have a free StatCounter account and the code installed to allow them to track my traffic as well. For some reason I look at the StatCounter stats far more frequently than my hosting stats. My hosting stats go into far more detail, and StatCounter limits its free database to the last 100 visits (my hosting stats have no limit), which is a severe limitation, but for some reason I still like it better. It gives a quick visual display of recent visitors as well as suggesting where in the world they are browsing from.

Apparently StatCounter added a new feature as recently as last night or early this morning. I REALLY like it! It shows on a Google map where some of the last visitors are located. Clicking on one of the markers shows various detailed statistics all in one place (nothing personal for the paranoid who think the internet knows everything about you! but useful statistical information). Since I am a very visual-oriented person, I find this new feature fantastic. And of course I generally like Google and most of their projects and services. Here's a sample of what the map looks like provided by StatCounter and Google Maps:

StatCounter adds Google Maps to its set of useful tools

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