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Rotating Technological Empires

It seems more and more that Google is becoming the hip, new Microsoft. No, the goals, directions and tactics of the two companies are far from identical. Their commonality is found in their apparent quest to take over the technological world. The biggest difference I see is Google's fresh, intelligent angles, while Microsoft has developed a detached, careless approach. Detached not only from future-thinking technologies, but from lean well-coded software and from the demands and concerns of an increasingly technologically enlightened public. There seems to be a rest-secure and lazy cancer spreading through the giant company from the top down. Rather than improvements just for the sake of innovation and advancement, Microsoft hopes that most computer users won't know any better so they can sit back and enjoy supremacy. There's a fat, sleeping giant in our midst. So I guess that makes Google and Mozilla our heroes, Mickey and Donald, trying to find the golden harp in the sleeping Microsoft's pocket. I say go for it! If nothing else, perhaps it will wake the giant and cause some movement for good. Otherwise, let the giant be replaced by another for a spell. Google will eventually stagnate and be replaced by another, and so goes the cycles of the hi-tech world.

Ever since I learned of Microsoft's vastly careless treatment of the web arena, I am convinced they are stuck in the doldrums of success due to a lack of viable competition. Why improve or invent when there are no challengers? A severe shake-up is in order much to the thanks of threats like Google's incredibly endless queue of wide-ranging brainchildren. Not to mention Mozilla's Firefox blowing Microsoft's web browser out of the water. Please, see the light, people! Microsoft Internet Exploder is not a good product. It has dozens of unaddressed bugs in a number of categories, all affecting usability and all stifling progress, compliance and innovation worldwide (a good list). Some of these bugs have existed for several years without any attention! Oooh, don't get me started!

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