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EsoBlog Browse By Topic

Last night and this evening I succeeded in making it possible to browse EsoBlog by the categories I recently set up. This way visitors can read only those entries that are more likely to fit their interests.

There are two ways to enable browsing by topic. First, there is a full list of all the available topics freshly displayed in a window to the left (along with the total number of contained entries). Click on a topic to narrow the subject matter. In addition, each entry indicates which categories it falls in, shown clearly below the entry's title. Click on one of the categories to show only entries in a similar topic. The Archives window will change to reflect the topical selection, so only archived entries within the selected topic will show up when an archive range is clicked. In addition, the first, prev, next and last buttons will page through entries of the selected topic. To return to showing entries in all topics, click "Show All" in the Topics Selection Window, or simply click "Blog" on the main menu at the top of the page.

Granted, there might be a few bugs to iron out. I think I got some of the larger problems squared away, but let me know if the page breaks apart, or something stupid happens.

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