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EsoBlog Mirrored on Blogger

Well, this should be interesting. In December I started a Blogger account with the intention of linking it to my regular Esotropiart EsoBlog. I didn't really want to duplicate the blog or have to maintain two different blogs at the same time. But I wanted the benefits of linking into an already existing, world-wide blog community like Google's Blogger. So I created a dummy account with a link to Esotropiart.

Now I have decided to actually work on the Blogger side of EsoBlog and get it up and running. I am working on a template that will reflect the look and feel of my own web site, so anyone who frequents my web site will feel quite at home. In fact, it will be a little hard to determine whether you are looking at my external blog or the Blogger version. This might prove confusing in the end, but I don't think it will matter. I will attempt to create or discover technology to allow comments posted on either side to show up in both places. For now, I'll have to manually copy comments from one to the other. We'll see how that goes.

I am hoping that by creating this Blogger account, I will potentially get increased traffic because it will be inside the Blogger network, rather than an independently hosted blog. We'll see. It probably won't make much difference unless I really promote it and tell people about it. And of course people would actually have to be interested in what I am writing about. That's a stretch! :)

So feel free to post comments on either page, knowing that eventually they will show up in both places. Some postings that are very specific to Esotropiart, I may not re-post on Blogger, and vice versa. But for the most part, they will be mirror images of each other (theoretically). Wish me luck! Oh, wait... I don't believe in luck. Okay, so wish me Lork.

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