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Bluescreen 1: Mannequin

Now is when to make sure the Add to Sample tool is selected, because we are going to click more blue areas to add them to the selection. Now, the Color Range selection tool in Adobe Photoshop is extremely versatile. Colors can be added to the selected range by clicking either on the image itself (outside the dialog box), or by clicking within the small grayscale image in the dialog box. I find it easier to click in the dialog box, because you can already see there at a glance which areas need to be adjusted.

In the previous slide, our first click only selected a medium blue range, while the bottom half of the image remained darkened in the selection dialog. To add those areas, we can just click on those dark areas of the image until just the outline of the subject (the mannequin) remains masked out. In fact, the power of this tool actually allows us to click and drag over the blue areas, and they are actively added to the selection - rather than having to click on every single pixel in the desired range. Fantastic! The only risk of clicking and dragging is that there might be a stray pixel out in the blue that matches the color of the subject, in which case, part of the subject might be selected.