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Connoisseur Site Revamped

It has been a while since I have done anything in 3D. I decided the basic shape of the Connoisseur logo would lend itself to being translated into three dimensions, and I set out to do so. What should have been a very simple task wasn't as easy as I thought. I have essentially three tools for creating 3D graphics: Ray Dream Studio, Bryce 5, and Blender 3D. Each has its strengths and weaknesses, and I usually have to use more than one of them to finish a task. In this case, I started out modeling the logo in Blender, but opted for a quick solution in Ray Dream Studio. Once I had the model, I imported it into Bryce, added materials and rendered. I tend to enjoy the way Bryce renders, and I am very familiar with setting up a scene using its graphical tools.

Rather than simply masking out the rendered logo and plopping it on top of the tree photo, I created an object with a texture of the photo within the scene. Why? This way the "glass" of the logo would refract the image of the tree, and the metal elements would reflect the leaves, etc. In short, it would look more as if the logo was really part of the natural scene. I think it was quite successful and worth the extra step.