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Zoo Visit & Fall 2006

Lately I have been intrigued by what I sense as interesting compositions around the house. Perhaps I will need to create an Esoshow entitled "Interesting Compositions Around the House". Perhaps if I get a few more pictures. Basically, as I'm sitting around I see and appreciate the angles and shapes. Several times I have been so captivated that I quickly grab my camera and try to record what I see. This photo is one of those moments. It is not completely apparent from the image, but there was a rather eminent reflection of the inside plant overlapping in more-or-less the same position as the outside plant. Though the plants don't look the same, their position is interesting. It's as if the sliding glass door is an imperfect mirror that reflects what it wants to portray, or perhaps what it thinks we want it to portray. Possibly the relatively drab inside plant is daydreaming about what he could look like, full of color and out in the sunshine. Or better yet, it represents the inexplicable scenario that God created regarding the difference between men and women and the mysteries of love and family. Mom's outside, Dad's inside with sprouting boy. The sliding glass door represents one of two possibilities: 1) It is the mysterious difference between men and women that separates us slightly, yet not completely - we can see through, but not fully grasp every facet, or 2) Perhaps this "plant couple" is experiencing a hardship, and there is a wall forming between them. And the little boy plant is just a spectator, obviously affected by the stress. In that case, who is the very small plant in the distance, in the terra cotta pot? And what do the fallen leaves represent? Way over my head. Is it over yours? Is it really? Is it a reflection of your childhood? Of your present? Is Wile E. Coyote your favorite Warner Brothers character? Who is it really? Who are you really? Are you really alight in a planetary journey to other brilliant stars? Are you really a star? Really really really?