Fall Leaves at Work

Today was rather rainy. In fact, when I rode my bike home for lunch, I got soaked. I've only been wetter from the rain one other time I can remember.

Beautiful trees line the street and parking lot outside my work. In the fall, they turn a super vivid red, unlike I've seen just about anywhere else. When the leaves fall, they blanket the ground in glorious hue.

Naturally you would think that the best photos are lit in direct sunlight. Normally I would agree, but sometimes the sun creates too much contrast. Good lighting can also be found when it is overcast, especially if the subject already has its own qualities, such as these ridiculously bright leaves. Not to mention that they had water all over them, producing sparkling droplets and shiny puddles.

Since I was at work, I took the liberty of using the work camera to quickly shoot these photos. Every angle was astoundingly beautiful, so I point and clicked just about every direction. I opted for manual settings rather than going with the automatic. I adjusted the white balance to match the subject. I set a low aperture and manually set the exposure length so nothing was overexposed.

I'm fairly convinced that Olympus cameras are right near the top for capturing vivid and true photos, if not the superior brand over all. I have an old Olympus digital that most of the photos you see on this site are taken with. The one we have at work is also an Olympus, and these pictures are amazing, no thanks to me (thanks to God's beautiful creation and a halfway decent camera).