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McDowell Down Jiffy Duel

Another attempt at adding a little detail and story (situation) to my drawings. Normally I am lured into drawing random faces and characters with no props or storyline. McDowell Down Jiffy Duel shows a bizarre fantasy gym situation. The gymnast is clearly delusional. His coach, Gibbs, is clearly a bit loony to say the least. He has affixed a half-live Gargoyle kit to his rings apparatus, making it very dangerous for athletes to use. Not only that, but he has a "peace and love" weirdness theme going on in his gym. Probably worst of all is Gibbs' admission that he thinks he is a turtle.

The irony and tragedy in this drawing of course lies in that the gymnast seems to be unaware of his strange surroundings. He notes the danger involved, but takes no action. Most people would just leave if put in such a weird (impossible, infinitely unlikely) situation. He seems to be training for no reason at all. His coach is not even paying attention to his efforts and probably never did. In the athlete's mind, he is training hard and trying to become the best he can. Perhaps this gymnast will never reach his full potential or get the chance to compete unless he either takes things into his own hands or finds a sensible trainer. The world may never know, just like how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop.

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