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Master Sun Lu & Son

Any who know me as an artist know that I want results fast. I want many drawings, the more the merrier. The problem is that I don't always enjoy the process. My payoff is to see the finished product. Sometimes this means I don't invest much time in developing drawings into fully realized concepts, situations or stories. While maybe part of that is my unique style, I'm sure my drawings would benefit from a bit more attention. Every once in a while I just feel like producing a complete drawing.

"Master Sun Lu & Son" is one of those drawings where I put a bit more time into it. Rather than just drawing the master and his son floating in whitespace, with speech bubbles, I spent the time to draw in a simple base for them to reside in. By the end, I was getting tired of details and was lacking creativity, and settled for a random 3D box shape in the second bubble. Oh well, I guess I tried!